Creating a Buyformee Campaign

After signing up, you will be able to create your first campaign. So let’s go through the steps of creating your first campaign on BUYFORMEE.


  1. Choose a product you Need/Want – from an Online / offline store


Needs are different from Wants.
  • A need is something you can’t do without
  • A want is a desire product. So know exactly what you Need or Want.


  1. Create a campaign

Upload a Product you Need/Want using the Upload Button or any of our Bookmarking tools.

  • Add product title

Write the title of the product you want. If you use our bookmarking tools – this title will be filled in automatically.

  • Select if it’s a Need/Want

Indicate if your campaign is a Need/Want.

  • Select Category

Select a category for your Need/Want for easy discovery.

  • Mention the price of that product you Need / Want

Prices will be fetched automatically if you use our bookmarking tools.  However, if you upload a product from a mortal store, you will have to fill-in the price of that product manually ‘’be as genuine as possible when filling in prices…if we detect any sign of fraud…you will be burned from using our platform forever.

  • Select method of donation

You have a choice to select which mode of donation fits your best interest. You can opt for (1) Money (2) Physical Product (3) Both.

  • Give a Reason

Give a meaningful reason as to why you Need/Want that particular product. The stronger the reason, the higher are your chances of getting contributions from friends & well wishers.

WARNING:- Faking reasons will simply put your account at risk of getting banned for ever from using ”Buyformee”.

  • Publish

Click the publish button and your campaign will be ready for contributions.

  • Invite your friends &

Invite your friends on BUYFORMEE so that they start contributing towards your Needs & Wants.

  • Share your Campaign on Social Platforms

Share with your friends on various social platforms to receive more contributions.


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